Justice for Baby Peter [Peter Connelly]

Our Own Justice 
This blog is dedicated to the memory of Peter Connelly [Baby Peter] with life and love this system denied him through those who savagely tortured and murder him senselessly 
Background of a tragedy 

Peter Connelly [2006-2007] who first became known as "Baby P" and later as "Baby Peter" due to so-called "legal reasons," was a beautiful little boy who die on August 3, 2007 as a result of severe torture inflicted on him by his mother's lover Steven Barker and his brother Jason at a dwelling in London. Peter was subjected to extremely cruel torture sessions that lasted hours and for a period of at least eight months continuously until he succumbed to the cruelty of his sick tyrannical torturers. The physical damage caused by the savage torture he suffered for long months included a broken back, at least eight broken ribs, finger nails pulled with pliers, severe beatings, knocking off his teeth by fist blows so hard that he swallow them, and more sick brutality than any 17-month baby can endure for too long. While the horrific torture was being perpetrated on little Peter, official employees from the social service system responsible for the protection of children, callously and indifferently ignored the signs signalling what Peter was going through at the hands of his executioners. Peter's biological mother, Tracey Connelly, cover up the truth to help his killers from being discovered and their horrendous crimes against Peter from becoming exposed to official social service agents during routine visits to the house. The killers of Peter were eventually arrested, tried and convicted, but the sentences given to them were too lenient considering the size and monstrously of their crimes. And to add even more callous disregard for the tragic end of little Peter, the judicial officialdom is now preparing to give his killers protection and special treatment after their release from prison. This brief summary background on this terrible tragedy give you basic information to know who is responsible for the death of Peter Connelly and how he was murdered. What you need to know next is why he was tortured and murder in such ways. If you wish more detailed information and want to see pictures of his killers, visit www.dailymail.co.uk or http://news.sky.com which have covered the subject in great detail. The pictures of those responsible for his death will not be published on this blog.

The scum who tortured and murdered Peter Connelly 

Steven Barker, a sick convicted rapist of baby girls, paedophile, and now a killer of an innocent child, is the one who actually did most of the torturing and final murder of Peter Connelly. His brother Jason tortured little Peter too but mostly helped the other beast with the torturing. This worthless piece of shit is also a sick convicted paedophile and a child rapist who has openly declared to enjoy his depraved and sadistic deeds against innocent children. He has served time in prison before for his crimes and is well known to the police. Both of this scum have a long rap sheet of violent and heinous crimes against innocent children going back many years. Meanwhile, not enough information has been obtained yet on the family and/or personal background of that detestable piece of shit named Steven Barker, but considering the contents on some of the articles published in different Internet media sources, he is an individual with mental deliriums that make him hallucinate deluding thoughts of grandeur by possessing "power" over others. He is fascinated with the Nazi ideology which he combines with his sick and perverted dementia condition and it is the mix of these and other nonsense, what motivates him to seek victims on whom he can practice his stupid deliriums with violent and sick excitement. After he moved into the house where little Peter lived with his biological mother, he focused on him and thus begun his tragically fate we are now mourning. This is the scum officials are now talking about giving them false identities and protection after they get out of prison. We must not let these animals get away with their horrendous crimes without paying what they owe to Peter. Tracey Connelly, whose maiden last name is Cox, is an almost illiterate and sex-obsessed disgusting slob with a disastrous broken family background. She is definitely unfit to be a mother and should be sterilised. Despite being the one who covered up her beast lover so that the torturing of her son would not be discovered, nowadays she tells friends in letters about her future plans to "have fun" and "party" when she comes out of jail. She totally disregards her direct responsibility in the tragic death of her son Peter as a result of savage torture. She could be out of jail in only three years and there is not a reason to think that she won't do it again. If you wish to have more details on the contents of her deranged writings, the Daily Mail of London published a series of articles with pictures related to Peter which include his mother's family background and her attitude towards the sad tragedy suffered by little Peter. Photographs of her and the other scum responsible for the death of Peter are also shown. The address is: www.dailymail.co.uk

A social system managed by and for criminals 
The case of Peter Connelly is not the only one and too many other innocent children have die and continue dying as a result of severe mistreatment or cruel abuse by adults. The case of 2-year old girl Sanam Nausarka, James Bulger, and Sarah Payne are also of great significance. What makes Peter's case so unique is the sheer brutality and fashion by which he was savagely tortured until death. But what is even more exceptional on this senseless tragic outcome, is the role played by the so-called "authorities" from the social services responsible for the protection of children, who grossly and deliberately failed to take the appropriate action that could have saved Peter and Sanam from death. The house where Peter was living with his natural mother and those who tortured and killed him, was inspected sixty times by social service agents who knew or at least suspected what was going on, but did not want to take any action to save him from the great danger he was in. Even a woman Doctor who examined him closely refused to acknowledge and report his injuries during visits at the house. What does all of this and more tell us? We don't know how you may see it, but it is obvious that all those who were representing the officialdom where protecting the criminals who were committing monstrous crimes of cruel and savage torture against a 17-month old baby. It is within the context of these facts and the media exposure, that Peter's case was unique and unprecedented in Britain and beyond, and his case is now a symbol to remind us of the type of society we are living in. The present reality of society was designed to promote crime since criminals found it and currently control and manage it. Those who think of politicians as "our leaders" are not in reality "leaders" nor do they represent "our" interests as citizens; all members of government are merely managers of interests belonging to the elite class who wield the real power, and it is according to their interest that this society is managed by all those in government for whom we vote like sheep. The laws are made according to designs conceived and created by the elite who are hard core criminals themselves, and are enforced through the so-called "justice" system in which judges are praised as the ultimate symbol of "law enforcement." They have full authorisation to manipulate the laws and do so in ways according to the circumstances of a particular case, and the desired social effect they seek by their decisions made in line with the interests the judge truly represents. The mere nature of Peter's case is so monstrous and repugnant that it steers deep feelings of rage and disgust at the leniency by the judge sentencing his killers to what amounts to a mere reprimand. The sick killers of Peter should have been sentenced to natural life in prison without any possibility for parole and in harsh conditions. Thousands of people were and continue to be outraged by the gross injustice against Peter but instead officials talk now about parole and protection for his killers by given them false identification and economic assistance after releasing them from prison. If these facts are not enough for you to believe this system promotes crime on behalf of criminals, than you must be either very naive or part of a problem that is destroying the life of too many innocent children. We think it is time for common people to make Our Own Justice and punish criminals according to their crimes. In the case of Peter killers, they forfeited their right to live when they murdered him and must pay for their crimes according to Our Own Justice. We can't trust or depend on this "justice" system anymore simply because there won't be any real justice for victims like Peter and others. This system protects only the interest of the elite minority whose employees are those in government falsely claiming to represent us the majority. The criminals who run this society do not want monsters like Peter killers in prison because it is contrary to their plans for a totalitarian government; they want them on the streets so they can continue committing heinous crimes and create thereby, unbeatable conditions in society to the point where common people start demanding more control, and then create repressive laws. How else can you explain the nonsense and illogical actions of puppet judges who release from prison animals who torture and murder innocent kids? Their actions are well premeditated and according to specific purposes related to a desired social effect, and not because they are applying the law in strict terms. They are criminals promoting crime on behalf of much bigger criminals to whom they are subordinated. 

About this blog 

This blog is a very sincere gesture of unconditional solidarity with a beautiful and innocent little boy to whom this system denied him the right to live, love, and justice even after his tragic death. It is also intended to promote communication to exchange information related to Peter killers and other cases where innocent children were or are being abused by anyone. We need information that would allow us to make plans for subsequent direct action on anyone responsible for crimes against children and other innocent people. We are particularly interested in having contacts with journalists who may obtain information on the movements or location of Peter killers. We think that some monitoring of these criminals can help us when tracking them becomes necessary. When and where if they are released from prison, we would want to know as soon as possible and journalists might have access to this type of information. If you have information on anyone who plans to commit or has already committed a crime against a child, or any unprovoked crimes on innocent people, send mail to us instead of calling the police. We hope to count on you. Our address is: our-own-justice@mail.com 

Pass on this information by telling your family and friends about this blog. If we are united we can be strong and survive.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the statements on this blog that Peter killers should get the same or more, than what the innocent baby suffered before he finally died from torture.

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken for this poor baby. How is it that these people can ever be allowed to see the light of day! All three deserve the same treatment that baby Peter was given. If I had my way, the would be stoned half to death and allowed to recover for a few days and stoned again and so on and so on. I know there is a special place in the deepest parts of hell reserved just for them! May they burn in hell and feel his pain forever!!!!!!!! God have no mercy on their souls!

And far the rest of the lazy ass social workers, police officers and so forth...may you all live with Babay Peter's blood on your hands!

Real Justice said...

We can accomplish our goal of doing real justice for little Bay Peter, but we must look for each other and unite under one common cause. One person alone can only do very little or nothing. Unity is a must. What those sick bastards did to Peter must never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

As a mother i feel sadden of what happened to Baby Peter. I first knew about him only this april 2010, 3 years after his death when i already had my son & from that time on i was attached to Baby peter like as if i knew him personally. the first time i read the detail of his torture & seen his videos in youtube i could not fight the tears...i would sob for days...as i result i become very protective of my son & would not easily entrust him with anyone even a family member...i tried to look for tributes for peter this year but not seen one (the last was 2009) it saddens my heart that people easily forgets...let us always remember peter in our hearts & include him in our prayers that the right justice be served & to bring back the dignity that was taken from him..i really hope authorities may find substantial evidence that can pin the monsters of murder....please pray for him & may his soul rest in peace & if ever there is a god & do hope he is with peter at this very moment happy & loved....

Anonymous said...

It's been over a year since I first heard about Peter and I stil cry everyday at the thought of what that poor baby went through. I can't stop reading about him and looking at his precious pictures. He was such an angel, so pure.

It angers me to no end at how those monsters who did that to him are going to get new identities.

There are so many nights I can't sleep. I think about his tears and his screams and think about how I would gladly do ANYTHING if I could go back in time and save that poor baby. I have a 19 month old son, so close to Peter's age, and can't imagine ver allowing anyone to hurt him.

I love Peter. I've never met the little boy but I feel this deep love and connetion to him. So many times I see my son laugh and smile and wonder if Peter ever experienced any joy in his life. I watch my son play with his toys and think that Peter should be here too playing along side him. How can anyone harm a child? I would give my life in an instant to protect my son, or any other child for that matter. It sickens me at how cruel people can be, and it scares me that people like Steve Barkey and Tracey Connelly exist.

Poor baby P, I hope you're reasting in peace now and realize that so many people throughout the world love you. You deserved so much better. Sweet angel.

Anonymous said...

It's 3 years ago today that Baby Peter died.I think of him every day.Today, I have burned a candle all day, and prayed for his peace.I don't expect to ever forget him; I would give anything to turn back the clock and be able to hold him, cuddle him, read to him,and be kind to him. I think of him every time I see a small boy with blonde hair.

lindarosew said...

I first heard about Baby Peter when I was on holiday 2008, and not a day has past, since, that I don't think of him.Every time I see a small blonde boy, something stabs my heart.I made a memorial to him,just some photos and prayers,and on his birthdays and anniversarys of his death, I display this, and burn a candle all day.I did this yesterday, it was 3 years ago that he found peace in death.I love this little boy, as if he were my own, and I would give ANYTHING to be able to turn back the clock, and find him, and give him all the love he missed.LINDA W

Anonymous said...

i pray the murderers of baby peter pay everyday for what they did to that beautiful child.you can see when he is sitting in the stroller with his head shaven how lethargic and sad he was you can see his torture.He was beautiful and that demonic evil mother of his never deserved that beautiful little boy.His long suffering in his short life is over.May he for eternity play with the heavenly angels.it is obvious demonic one's were torturing him on this earth.G-d help the children!

Karissa Defined said...

I too will NEVER EVER forget precious baby Peter Connelly. His sweet face is always in my mind, as I cry over the pain and torture he had to suffer as a sweet and innocent baby who deserved nothing but love and care, but instead got a demonic mother and stepfather who I hope are tortured for ETERNITY for what they did to that sweet angel. They represent evil at its PUREST. I am in SHOCK of how easily all of this could have been prevented, had the damn social services or doctor did their f&*king jobs correctly!! It should be the faults of all of those involved in Peter's life - including his father who I think could have done MUCH MORE about this - he could have relentlessly pleaded to social services about his son; how can anyone be oblivious to how distraught that little baby was? I have such anxiety even writing this. I am a mother to two - a four year old daughter and two year old son. I too, have been looking at them both and how happy and loved and very well cared for they are, and praying so hard to God that somewhere up there baby Peter is finally being loved, and cared for in gentle arms. How this can happen to a child, a baby, and continues to happen by monsters everyday who abuse children. It is because of this story of Peter that I have vowed to help prevent child abuse in ANY WAY possible. I am getting involved in organizations, and spreading the word about his case. I could go on and on about this, but will end with saying never to forget the sweet angel that is Peter and all of the innocent babies and children who die or are hurt at the hands of evil - may we do ANYTHING we can to help them, and pray every day for them. The only thing keeping me sane after learning of Peter's case is knowing my mom (in heaven) is giving him special love from me, and all of the thousands who mourn him...my mother loved children so much - and nothing made her happier than a baby in her arms, so I asked her to please find Peter in heaven and give him special love. WE LOVE YOU PETER!! FOREVER!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this blog. I am world apart from where baby Peter lived but his life has touched me and makes me heartbroken. I wish I would have been able to save him. I can never forget him. He has given me new purpose and strenght to live my life. RIP Peter.

Lisa said...

I am from Australia and just watched a brief video about this poor little baby. I totally agree with the writers comments about the perpetrators. They should be left to rot in jail. And if they are let out then they should not be protected with new names and support. May poor little Peter be in a safe place now. Any may those responsible receive everything they did to him three times over. God Bless Peter.

Our Own Justice said...

Thank You to all of you who have posted messages of solidarity with Peter Connelly [Baby Peter] whom we MUST NEVER forget. It will be appreciated if you left an address where we can contact you. Our address is: our-own-justice@mail.com

Anonymous said...

What was done to this baby was unspeakable. Even though his stepfather just had boiling water thrown on him, it's not enough. His torture should be legendary. This boys mother sits in protective custody to protect her. WHY??? Who the F*** protected that baby from her and that piece of trash? aneumann07@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Peter’s Prayer

Though we did not know you
We love you just the same
If we could have saved you
We would have saved you from your pain
We place your photo on our wall in love
To invite you in our home
Here you’ll find the love you needed
And you’ll never be alone
This home is filled with love
Take as much as you wish
Enjoy the warmth, laughter and adventure
That in life you had missed
If we could wrap our arms around you
And cuddle you so much
know that you are loved
By the people that you have touched

Anonymous said...

Baby Brianna's story is what led me to Peter's story. Her's is one of the worst cases of child abuse/torture in New Mexico's history. Her story deserves to be heard as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkSN65cJKOE&feature=related

Anonymous said...

I keep little Peters picture on my computer and pull it up periodically to look at it. I couldn't do anything while he was here to save him, so I suppose my tribute to him is not forgetting. It breaks my heart but it's all I can do for him now. I hope Peter is somewhere that he can know how many people he's touched that care about him.

God bless this little child and all the rest that have and are enduring treatment like this.

Elvia Kent said...

I am sooo glad that people are doing justice for this innocent loving baby!! even though I live on the other side of the world, the least thing I can do for him is support what u guys r doing!
I can not believe that there are humans that want to hurt babies and children! And it is even more unbelievable that demonds like this walk free with no worries at all! With the law protecting them!!
I heard about baby Peter and baby Brianna about a month ago and I can't get them out of my head. Their cruelty and injustice is unbelievable I'm speechless!
I agree with our own justice! If the law is protecting the wrong, than us as humans and citizens must fight for the RIGHT!
I love baby Peter a lot and I will never forget him! I would hand out my life to save my son's and any other child's life from cruelty and pain and suffering! I hope baby Peter and the rest of children who get killed r in a better place!
This is the time to unite and fight for a better world!

Anonymous said...

When I first read about Peter, I was shocked and at the first moment I thought that all happened in some barbaric country with poor social service. When I found out that all happened in London (I am not from UK) and how many institutions were involved I was totally devastated.
The fact is that no chance has been given to Peter, which was helpless baby. Everyone ignored his suffering and all let them down. He has nobody. He was tortured daily in a period of at least 8 months with quiet consensus of all involved in his life. He was tortured hours before he was left to die in agony, which also lasted hours. What he endured is unspeakable. We all know that his suffering and horiffic death could be prevented easiliy, but instead of help he got only administrative record by social service, negligent health care and finaly a grave.
The scum of humankind, exactly Tracey Connely, Steven Baker, Jason Owen and his girlfriend (15 years old at the time of all happened, now 20), which are disease of society and hardly good enough to fertilize the soil are treated like treasures. They got humiliating short punishment and they are protected very well. Authorities stated that its duty is to keep them safe. It seems that is very important to keep those scum safe and it seems that is very important to give them opportunity to start new life.
It is shocking how great effort is made and how big financial investment is behind in order to keep worthless scum safe. It is obviously that we are living in sick society and I am disgusted to be part of such a society. We are also living in the world of cowards and in the world without heroes. It is obviously that we can not cout on governmental institutions anymore. They are only making fun of all of us. So I truly hope that there exist a hero which will make things right.

And Peter,... I would like to tell you, how much I love you. You are allways in my mind and there will be allways special place for you in my heart. I promise you that you will never be forgotten. All creatures, which tortured you and let you die in pains, are nothing but scum. As a mortal they will sooner or later die, but no matter what they will do, they will never be more than nothing. They are scum and they will be scum for ever.